Zombie Mode

crazy beezlebub thoughts
knock on mind’s pane today
normally I see lighted windows
today I see only a dark haze
… mind is a strange critter
a friend’s dad passed away
during his sixtieth marriage
anniversary party last night
loss of a parent made me
realize my own raw pain
it never really goes away
Gordon Gekko said in movie
parents are the bones
kids gnaw upon, hone teeth
I never felt need to do this but
my bones do have teeth marks
well such is life I guess
am just bad company today

**Gordon Gekko is a fictional character and the main antagonist
of the 1987 film Wall Street and the antihero of the 2010
film Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps,[2] both directed by
Oliver Stone. Gekko was portrayed by actor Michael Douglas,
whose performance in first film won him Oscar for Best Actor

*painting by Picasso


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