Zest for Life

Zest For Life
zest for living
Timelessly giving

Rejoicing in others
celebrating self

Finding happiness
In every stick, stone

Knowing well a glass half
full is better than none

trees blossoming or denuded
equally pretty sights
Seasons come and go as
Do happy and sad times

Wise one is that who remains
Unmoved by vagaries of time

playful puppy, kittens, skipping child
guileless, happy, uncomplicated

old shoes, well fitted clothes
finely tuned mind, no picked bones

happy cackling elders, eyes faded
treasure troves of folklore, not jaded

spurned in love, so what
better mate maybe in store

sucking life’s orange every moment
living to the hilt, no regrets, lament

A smile always lighting up the face
Attracting, eliciting return smiles

Mopping pain and angst from suffering eyes
Ever firefly, incandescent joy lighting up sky

An untrammeled zest for life
Is best thing costing no tithe 

(picture is from internet)



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