Sky is the limit, if we persevere diligently
But do I wish to reach the sky, fly high?
No one asked me!

From way back, when I was pint sized
Working hard, achieving was in, but was it for me
No one asked me!

Flailing, floundering, swimming, floating
I passed out with not so flying colors, how so
No one asked me!

Meandering in a world, not of my making
I pass the time, biding it moment to moment, why
No one asked me!

My wishes n aspirations were of another realm
The yardsticks were not so mercernary, but
No one asked me!

Now I am neither at the zenith nor the nadir of life
I hang loose somewhere in between, am I happy?
No one asked me!

Know what you want and then go for it
With single minded zeal, what for
No one asked me!

Hard work will take you to the zenith
Would any one else care but you, I know not as
No one asked me!
“We all live under the same sky, but we don’t have the same horizon.”-    Konrad Adenaur


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