Waiting all dressed
Up for a “no go” show
Spring has finally
Sumo wrestled…
Leech(y) winter
That refuses to go~

Sprouts of hope
Have begun
Peeping greens
In backyards, front
Layouts, treed avenues
In gentle reclamations

Climatic changes
Have played havoc
With conductor
Nature’s seasonal opus
As its baton has missed
Cues once too many

Musical notes
Have mutinied
And our now creating
Hitherto unheard
Of spring melodies
Orchestrating own scores

Seated at the windowsill
With early morning Java
I oversee Monday’s frenetic
Bustle as kids get hustled
Into school buses, dog walkers
Having already come and gone

Plans have started
Forming lines
In my head
Already teeming
With zesty



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