You Linger

Having touched

My life

You marked me

For life


You left

You remain

Often appearing

Reflected in mirrors


Déjà vu

Moments abound

Your spirits linger

In myriad ways confound


Alone, sick in bed

I sense your gentle treads

Soft breath on fevered brow

Sheer curtain’s sudden billow


I plump pillows, turn on side

My feverish palms find

Your sacred chanting beads

My divvied treasure, entrusted


Seated on stoop steps outside

I see you twinkling in the night skies

In shapely white clouds during daytime

You affirm your presence time after time


I see you in leaves of dusty books

A turn of phrase, in stranger’s looks

In gentle chides, in crooning lullabies

In firm tones, in disappointed moans


I’ve tried to live up to your expectations

Life is after all a slippery slope, you know

When you left, my horizon had darkened

Now I light my world’s wick with hope


Tides bore away your ashes

Waves obliterated your footprints

Your markings on my soul still remain

Pulsating in the blood’s flow in my veins


(**my homage to all my beloved departed kith, kin, friends)


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