You Linger

You Linger

You had crossed
Over and we had
Dutifully given
A grand sendoff
Amidst flowers
Mantra chants
Fragrant pyre
Of sandalwood
Bier of your favorite
Flowers and things

Ashes and bones
Fire purified, lovingly
Immersed in holy Ganges
Shradh* ceremony
To appease preceded
Performed to ease
Your onward journey

Linger ~thus~ Scaring children
Grandchildren ~ who loved you so
When you wore a human form
Of flesh and bone?

You linger bodiless
Transparent ~ethereal
flowing filling spaces
Like air jet stream disturbing
Aura, dust and light motes
Turning darkness~ dank musky

What is remiss
do you miss us
or have we missed
something? Do indicate
So we can make amends
And Bid you a final adieu

You linger
but since
I love you
So- do go
Gently into
Night in peace
And harmony


*Sanskrit ?r?ddha, also spelled Shraddha, in Hinduism, is a ceremony performed in honor of a dead ancestor.  The rite is both a social and a religious responsibility enjoined on all male Hindus. The importance given in India to the birth of sons is to ensure that there will be a male descendant to perform the sraddha ceremony after one’s death.  The rite is performed for deceased father, grandfather, and great-grandfather and also for mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. It is intended to nourish, protect, and support their spirits.

*picture courtesy Sook Hottle


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