Yesterday the lean
mean selling machine
Made me cry

I got my first
“f__k you from her
Shocking my gentle soul

Was I such a soft target
I do not know but
I was grateful

I wept for the first time
Never having done so before
Even as she called to apologize

I turned the tables and
said “thank you” robbing
her breath- she asked “why”

I said I’d been dying to weep and
you gave me a much needed relief
I cry for Japan and all senseless killings

My well of sadness became lighter
So I said “thank you” even as she
Mouthed one expletive at me yesterday
We are two sides of life’s coin
She is driven to make money
I am driven to be happy- 

she said this felt like zen
I said it felt good to cry
and I was grateful for that!


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