work sketch


 Painting is by Picasso~

Word sketch

She chugs inside


Generous Virgo

Of heart yet

Trigger happy chiding~

Waiting to pounce

Having been trained

By her two tomcats

Time, she bides

At first chance~

To pick up

faults with her

finicky forceps

With scathing

Word nicks

She gouges

Mental hides~

Yet herself

afraid of technology

Harangues computers

Electronics–the likes

Today as her shower

of acidic instructions

fell on my suitably

penitent head

I chortled inside~

New internet phones

that I seldom use

had hence allowed its

Instructions to fall

By wayside~

These semi-retired

Days I let minutes

And seconds dapple

Any which way

Trying to always

Hop on sunny sides

Nobody is perfect


What can I say

When the pot

Points at the

Kettle that merely

wants to play, pray


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