Work in progress – connections



You arrived
Sight for sore eyes
Left with your usual
Hyper energy
Leaving chaos
In wake~

In lieu of being
Annoyed, I welcomed this
Opportunity to bend and squirm
This way, that, retrieving precious
Stuff lying awkwardly
Belly up, out of reach~

Weeping dust bunnies
Thus also got waylaid
Marched to the bottomless
Pit where they belong, no longer
Playing hide and seek with our
Frequent flyer, dust buster queen~

Honing and tweaking
My mind has been a wonderful
Exercise, exorcising negativity
Conjuring miraculous positivity,
Happen what may, still there are
Some wrinkles that have gone astray~

I am a work in progress, if I may…
*image is from the internet*


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