words and images


The Moroccans painting is by henri matisse
Issy-les-Moulineaux, late 1915 and fall 1916
Words and Images
climbing proverbial hills
I flattened some pesky wrinkles
plaguing life’s clotheslines
challenges come, go at will
troubling, nudging images and
words often floating before eyes
love of words makes me roll them
on tongue as melting ice cubes
reminiscent of the Irish worry stone
In my pocket discovered by chance
while rummaging for something else
and this is how zig-zag life goes
one gorgeous word, one startling image
grabbing you by boot-straps and off you
go; turning wheels taking you back and
forward and back again as hazy images
begin sharpening and words of cherished
poems and ditties begin dripping effortlessly


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