Wolf At The Door

“Appetite, a universal wolf.”  -Shakespeare

Wolf At The Door


 To keep the wolf from door 

Dragged self daily out of door

Moist eyes, heavy heart, leaden feet

Led me away from you, my baby



Piteous cries filled snowy mornings

Drowning car radio bearing me away

Maternal love died many deaths

Withering flowering between hope, despair



Regrets, few, abiding grievance one

Precious time savoring you lost forever

Left you daily to keep wolf from door

Dragged self daily out of the door



Loss and price was too dear to bear

Eyes still well up for times not there

Maternal love did suffer a great blow

You and I are not close any more

note: for both working parents:)) 



One Comment for: “Wolf At The Door”

  1. Dear Bina,

    so true, can relate to it.

    Submitted by Mukul Sharma on August 9th, 2010 3:23 am

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