With Hope and Prayer

With Hope and Prayer

Shaurya lay on the hospital bed, a broken man.  His grandpa had brought him up his way in the village unlike his siblings in Mumbai. His head was full of principles of honesty, hard work, and filial duty.  Now when he returned home, he was an alien there.  Everyone laughed at him exploiting mercilessly.  Whistling happily he did their bidding until one day he overheard them talking about him with derision.  He was heart broken.

His own kith and kin did not value him.  He lost his appetite and became ill.  His listlessness and lethargy finally hurled him towards suicide.  Just when he was ready to jump off into the Arabian Sea at the Gateway of India, Mumbai, a strong hand grabbed him and held him in a vice like grip.  Angrily he told him” let go of me please, I do not wish to live!”    The savior who was a psychologist had just emerged from nearby Taj Hotel for a walk and fresh air.  He was shocked at this handsome young man of barely twenty five wanting to end his life.  He decided to help him. 


Shaurya agreed to be hypnotized by Dr. Homi Mistry.  Gradually step by step doctor took him back towards his
 various births until they came to ancient India and he realized that in one of his previous lives, he was indeed Acharya Charaka!  That startled Dr. Mistry.  He slowly brought him back.  Then he made him hear his own taped voice.  Shaurya was amazed at this revelation.  He was quite familiar with ayurvedic medicines as his grandpa was an ayurvedic practitioner.  Grandpa had already told him that he had the makings of a great healer.  Now Dr. Mistry encouraged him to forget all else and become a master healer!  Shaurya started recalling ancient texts and scriptures and it was as though the floodgates had been opened.    He forgot all about ending his life and started devoting his time to honing his healing skills.  He left home and moved into the jungle and built a cottage for himself.  Wildlife did not scare him as they sensed he was not a threat.  During his brief encounter with Dr. Mistry and world at large, he had realized that the India of today was corrupt with no real values. 


**Charaka believed that a physician who fails to enter the body of

a patient with the lamp of knowledge and understanding can never treat

diseases. He should first study all the factors, including environment,

 which influence a patient’s disease, and then prescribe treatment. It is

more important to prevent the occurrence of disease than to seek a cure.

He decided to develop a truth virus along the lines of  Truth Serum

used by intelligence wing of government and release this virus in the food and water supply of the country for wider and quick spread. 


After lots of trial and error and sleepless nights and back breaking,

finally the virus was ready for testing.  He quickly contacted Dr Mistry

and sought his help.  Dr. Mistry agreed to help test this “truth virus”. 


Dr. Mistry had many bollywood stars as patients.

 He decided to test it on them first.

The results were startling.  The truth virus created mayhem and literally wrecked Bollywood.  The stars had infected all those who came in contact with them.  Now all these people started speaking truth resulting in broken marriages, new couplings, real culprits came forward to confess, innocent people was reluctantly released.  Many corrupt politicians and cops became honest.  After the dust had settled, the change for the better could be seen tangibly.  In places where there were roads and running water and wells on paper only now had all those available in reality.  Everyone gradually cleaned up their acts.  Even the polluted air became pure. 

Meanwhile all politicians and corrupt officials were declaring their ill gotten gains and repatriating Swiss bank and offshore accounts.  The treasury was now full to bursting.  All the self aggrandizement statues were removed and only parks and playgrounds were built.  The divide between the haves and have-nots was less startling.

India once again became the” Golden Sparrow” of olden times.

In the meantime, both Shaurya and Dr. Mistry wondered, “how long will it be before a super bug /virus overpowers the truth virus…..  their fingers  crossed in great fervor.

**sourced from internet


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