I stood in church before the majestic deity
A coin held out in my tiny palm for the almighty
Eyes shut tight, fervently promising him and
Cajoling, to barter the coin for good grades
A wish, the almighty gladly accepted and granted

This trade went on year after year till graduation
Favors bestowed easily fueling all my aspirations
Thus with my faith intact and a handful of coins
Fetched me a college degree, paving the way to
Career successes, provided lady luck did not frown

However, this wishing habit had conditioned me so
That for all things great or small, at once had me go
Before the almighty, with a coin, a smile and a candle
All props used by me shamelessly and held out to dangle
For granting of boons but the end result was always blissful

This godly commerce reached its limit one day and came to a halt
My demand was so great, that all my offerings fell far too short
My wish was too outrageous and this the almighty had to thwart
The boon was denied and I accepted my denial without a contort
But I was bereft for being forced to have all my plans abort

I wept because I had received God’s benediction, always, and
This denial was a body blow and at wit’s end I was full of dismay
I tossed coins in wishing wells, eagerly hoping, but to no avail
I failed to get my wish, even after launching my efforts fullscale
The Almighty one did not relent despite all my travail

Now, after a span of time, I’ve come to realize my mistake
My rejection was a blessing in disguise,is now my take
For, I would be dead now, as was the current incumbent
The head of state, that I had wished for with great intent
The Almighty had not deserted me, as had been my lament!!!
“May your every wish be granted.”- Ancient Chinese Proverb


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