winter’s bone

incorrigible heart
continues digging
for winter’s bone
hope on loose leash
heart is a lonely hunter
ornery quarry being
tantalizingly just out
of stretched hand’s
reach and such is
life’s journey

on an eternal quest
for whatever the case
maybe … my epitaph
shall read if there was one
dates marking birth demise
would be meaningless
….it will solely be, was
and shall always be about
the dash that was chockfull
of rip roaring adventures

physical metaphysical
spiritual and each varied
experience was a hoot
beginning to end …so what
if karma’s blows brought me
to my knees at times…indomitable
spirit stayed buoyant pennants
breezily flying …and that’s how my
life’s journey has rolled .. a mad
dash from pillar to post



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