Wicked Granny

Heard tell today

About Jill’s granny

A wicked ole lady

Angel face wily mind

Married grandpa on the fly

When high on whisky n rye

Straight out of high school

Led him by nose, the fool

Caring only for herself

Then for own grand kids

Rest were mud, insignificant

Considered world her supplicant

When Jill decided to call it quits

She gave pointers on how to do it

Take him to cleaners, hang him dry

He strayed, let him regret, dearly pay

Not above slapping around grandpa

Was she, the nurses got evidence of it

Horrified they confronted her with it

She admitted saying geezer deserved it

Often she held back grandpa’s pills

Let him stew n suffer in bed when ill

Said better to let him stay unconscious

Than have him testy and contentious

She advised Jill to shop only at Saks

Go for best before pulling marital plug

Her dramatic sweet Southern drawl

Made in-laws n grandpa’s skin crawl

She was arsenic and old lace

A deadly viper with sweet face

Shocked at this tell of Jill’s granny

Am sharing before mind stares blankly



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