Who Is Fettered?

(picture courtsey http://www.burningwell.org/)

Longing to fly free
Heart full of glee
In fetters I truly be
Says soul in reverie


A criminal- that is me
On a murdering spree
Punishment meted swiftly
Lightening crime weighty




If we could only snap the fetters of the body that bind the feet of the soul,
we shall experience a great joy. Then we shall not be miserable because
 of the body’s sufferings. We shall become free.
Vinoba Bhave ,Indian, Educator 


The traveler has reached the end of the journey! In the freedom
 of the infinite he is free from all sorrows, the fetters that bound
him are thrown away,  and the burning fever of life is no more.
BC 300-, Buddhist Collection of Moral Aphorism

The moment the slave resolves that he will no longer be a slave.
His fetters fall… freedom and slavery are mental states.
Mahatma Gandhi


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