What do I mean

I mean 9 to 5 grind daily
One among throngs many

I mean  smarting eyes
Pollution’s grip like vice

I mean goat n kid’s bleating
Girl child’s life so fleeting

A mercenary’s tainted earnings
Conscienceless undiscerning

I mean subjective n objective
The corrupt and the coercive

I mean the quality n the quantity
Decisions of life extraordinary

I mean masters, public serfs n serfs
Preoccupied protecting self turfs

I mean survival of the fittest
Body’s Evolution,  mind?

I mean the law in jungle still pure
Jungle concrete ’s tough to endure

I mean wreaking of havoc on mankind
Ironically humans bestial on own kind

What do I actually mean
I mean to draw a mean

A measure of what irks
Behaviors full of quirks

I mean this and that
And a whole lot more

And to make sense of it all
Unravel puzzle of life’s coil



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