wee hours


gifting myself golden
silence of wee hours
i find they are
quite vocal
fraught with roaring
inner turmoil having
into own
how to cork it? Meanwhile
smirking serenity gives
sideway glances as I
return with grimaces
leaping mind invites
Lautrec characters
for petit déjeuner avec
moi near Moulin Rouge
heart has ceased
palpitating post steep
climb to the top of MontMartre
in gorgeous city of gay Paree
Aerialist mind easily
leaps big apple burbs
to alight on memory’s
byte of exciting Paris
courting silence?
what silence ? I celebrate
morsels of time with each
and every croissant bite.
painting is by Toulouse Lautrec – cafe near Moulin Rouge
( this is in memory of now lost renditions of Lautrec’s work painted by me )


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