War's Casualties



 Woe is me, I want my mommy
I throw tantrums as I miss her terribly
Grandma gets angry when I get colicky

Enlisted in the army, she went to war
Leaving me with grandma, traveling far
Oblivious, I slept in the moving car


Death devastation blight, ambulances
Sirens, bombs, attacks, mayhem, despair
Hope’s dying embers, winners no one

Duty, sobering experiences, realizations
Courage held in insane times, life lonely
Aching for my baby, home, hearth, family


Hapless lonely doyen I hide in sub terrain caves
Sons, grandsons dying guerrillas, women enslaved
Hope faded, cataract dimmed eyes helpless depraved

Stiff upper lip, tattered dignity in bits and pieces
Praying for happier times when family was family
Mothers stayed with babies, survived without hashish 



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