Wailing Veils

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Wailing Veils

Chained and strapped by brigands
Cruel young old bearded husbands
Crude hands attached to cruel hearts
Treated worse than dust by upstarts


Chattels, slippers, sweepers and fodder
For rutting studs, these inhuman prodders
Dignity n humanity robbed and even souls
Law now a travesty at hands of these ghouls


The fair lovely happy face of veiled woman
Disfigured, saddened by these inhuman taliban
In the land of the faithful followers of Merciful Allah
Such aberrations occur daily as they pray facing Mecca


Even as world decries, a tsunami of grief laden waves
Rises skyward, a crescendo of wrenching wails n cries
Restore dignity, heal our souls and  brutalized bodies
O! Allah merciful , why do U forsake us your worthies?


Veiled women are we living spirit robbed darkened lives
Help us reclaim fistful of sky n empowering education captive
Sunlight and flowers and cool breeze and love and laughter
All these gifts we veiled ones seek for self n unborn daughters



That which corrodes the souls of the persecuted is the monstrous
 inner agreement with the prevailing prejudice against them.
Eric Hoffer 1902-1983, American Author, Philosopher

Miserable creatures, thrown for a moment on the surface of this little pile of mud, is it decreed that one half of the flock should be the persecutor of the other? Is it for you, mankind, to pronounce on what is good and what is evil?
Marquis De Sade 1740-1814, French Author


Education makes a people easy to lead, but difficult to drive;
 easy to govern, but impossible to enslave.
Omar Nelson Bradley 1893-1981, American General

Action and faith enslave thought, both of them in order not be
 troubled or inconvenienced by reflection, criticism, and doubt.
Henri Frederic Amiel Swiss, Philosopher

Tyrants are seldom free; the cares and the instruments of their tyranny enslave them.
George Santayana American, Philosopher

Dictators free themselves, but they enslave the people.
Charlie Chaplin English, Actor


This poem is dedicated to the courage of the women of Afghanistan 


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