Surfacing, sinking in conscious, unconsciousness
Waves’, swimming in dream’s tossing seas, a tender
Kiss on brow gently took me to shores of wakefulness

Air had quickened with static electricity
Changing suddenly in texture, becoming redolent
Of sandalwood paste, incense and holy basil

Soft sounds of Vedic chants, faint chimes from pealing
Anklet bells, hushed pitter patter of tiny feet and those
Mesmerizing notes from His magical flute filled the air

Swaddle of the softest Dhaka muslin
Engulfed me tenderly as worry’s petals
Detached themselves miraculously

Well of grief that eternally resides in my belly
Dried for a spell as I luxuriated in this unexpected
Visit from life’s other end, milky ways and galaxies

Reason had sobbingly bid your ailing body, god speed
Love starved girl child had adamantly stayed recalcitrant
Never coming to terms with destiny’s cruel weaning

In “love’s realm” time is meaningless and that final glance
An admix of love’s concern and grief in those twin
Limpid deep black pools of your eyes haunt to this day

Greedily I hug this gifted whisper of your tenderness
That has come to clear my furrowed brow, salving
And kissing to wellness destiny rendered scars

Feeling lighter in body and spirit, soul staying unmoved,
Impassive, I murmur your favorite prayers hugging to body
Even closer, your intricately embroidered shawl to self

** Bangladesh has its name in history as the producer of finest quality
of cloth /fabric specially world fame product named Dhaka muslin (Dhaka Malmal)
– prepared from perhaps the finest cotton yarn of over 250 Ne, samples of such
fabric have been preserved for exhibition in the museums including Dhaka Museum
and Albert Hall- legend has it that one could pass this muslin through
the eye of a needle- it was that fine in quality- saris made of this muslin
were much sought after.


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