Visit to the Eye Doc- mind droppings

Visit to Eye Doc- mind droppings

Mind in a flurried swirl, I descended

Into womb of the subway even as edge

of my anxiety was bitten off at the sight of

dappled light glowing through curvaceous

green filigreed stalwarts dotting our streets

seated in metro etchings got writ on mind’s wall

the pencil thin lady in a yellow cab outfit with a

garish red curly top, stiletto bottomed even as her cab

yellow oozed in Daliesque daubs on to the long talons

of my seated companion clutching her clutch for dear life

Even as the grotesque yellow made me shrink inwards

I spied an ornate ankh tattoo on left calf of an otherwise

Smartly dressed rose, a pin on her person proudly reposed

“I am a champion of human rights” against a backdrop of

Vampire dairies ironically on train wall jostling Poetry in Motion

My eyes feasted on leopard prints splattered here and there

A sheathed oriental thus spotted touched face preparing for kill

African American in similar dress was more cat than human, her

Her feet covered in tattoo spots, I stared in horrified fascination

As I cringed on recalling similar spotted hood of my own jacket

 Seated across ubiquitous bible pusher in hat next to plump lady

Memorizing wad of cue cards as if her very life depended on it,

Standing close, three piece suited lady with cross tattoo on calf

Head buried in ebook with another three piece sitter near by

engrossed in reading his emails n work on his tablet computer

Then all of a sudden everyone unified to make room for the

Homeless man in filthy clothes smelling to high heaven, they

Strained away from him, gagging, nauseated and I quickly

Closed my eyes feeling sick at my instinctive cringe mixed up

with feeling sorry and guiltily thankful at own comfortable life

 Doc’s verdict- a healthy 20-20 sight, I departed with dilated eyes, and

Felt that the cold glassy skyscrapers sneered down at the scurrying ants

I countered by planting halos on this army that hurried past feeling

All powerful and godly even though ironically I had to safeguard my

Own light sensitive eyes as I too scurried home joining this army of ants   

picure is from internet


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