Vickie- An Eulogy

To try to qualify or quantify what she meant to me
Is to try to pin down the will-o-wisp that was Vickie

She was a pint sized ball of pure effervescent energy
A master in  aikido, reiki and other healing   arts

Her generosity knew no bounds as she gave of herself freely
Her helping hands imparted instant relief to many aching limbs

Her occasional inscrutability came from her oriental origin
And her practical quirky earthiness made her fun to be around

Her presence in my life brought a nice richness to my persona
And I can emphatically say the gain was all mine, just mine

She had no bone to pick with anyone, least of all, her destiny
And she sailed through life sublimely, taking all in her stride

She was only four feet tall but could tackle any hefty person easily
Her diminutive looks were as deceptive as the depth of her spirituality

She entered my life like a breath of fresh air and managed to show me
Myself, for what I really was inside out so that I could measure up

I will miss her dreadfully but know full well that her spirit will always
Encompass all her loved ones giving courage and acceptance, with grace

Go forward free from pain, dear friend even though we will miss you
But know full well that you now reside in blissful greener pastures.

It’s no accident that the church and the graveyard stand side by side.
The city of the dead sleeps encircled by the city of the living.
Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider, Northern Exposure, Lost and Found, 1992


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