Vacant Eyes-One sentence story

Vacant Eyes

She sat at the table pecking at the food before her not wanting to waste yet unable to swallow as her eyes became moist today being their sixtieth wedding anniversary and the very day her beloved friend guru and partner had departed on his final journey leaving her at the mercy of their two greedy sons who quickly commandeered all the money and properties and left her alone in the nursing home which her beloved had thoughtfully paid for in advance, planning for the unforeseen as was his wont and her pet peeve and she was happy that he had ignored her and gone ahead and she smiled amidst sobs as her eyes welled up once more.


 Words 117


note: remembered Lady Astor- She suffered badly from a ferocious quarrel over her money, featuring her son and grandson. All of New York, for several months, agonized over the thought that this woman should suffer humiliation. Then she was wafted off to one of her estates and was looked after for the last year of her life, and, one hopes, will not be forgotten.- source internet


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