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I often buy books from a couple of used books websites as it saves me lots of $$$.
I am unable to read too much at a stretch these days but still that doesn’t deter me from buying – there is a certain comfort level in that for an incorrigible bookworm I guess.
Often I find notes and odd pieces of paper as book marks in these books and once in a while certain notes hidden in these books can be rather intriguing.
Now, you tell me, can we find such treasures in digital notebooks?
I think the most intriguing was one I found was in an abandoned book on a railway bench at a train station in India. Time and place are irrelevant.
The gist of note as I recall said that, “she was in love with a certain Bollywood star and was leaving home to become an extra in movies and thereby get a chance to be near her idol”.
I was shocked to say the least and shook my head at this foolishness.
Having lived in Bombay from fifties onwards, I’ve seen, met and spoken to many film stars but I never had an urge to even seek an autograph much less drool over one with the exception of being stunned by the beauty of the late Madhubala.
I’ve often wondered about that girl and if she ever made it big in Bollywood or simply got lost amongst the teeming aspirants that come from all corners of the country smitten by the glitz and glamour of Bollywood or may be as an escape hatch from their drab and dismal reality.
lastly, was that book left by her distraught family?


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