Unicorn- Pure And Gentle

O Unicorn
Gentle and pure of heart

Let me be that child again
Pure and gentle of heart

Let me thrive on yonder milky cloud
Fragile, delicate, innocent, proud

Tainted world, amoral, pawned honors
Dirty cesspools, back-stabbers, vultures

Beckon vigorously, sinking bottomless hole
My feet dig in fighting for a secure foothold

Soul in outstretched palms, heart in my mouth
I beseech woefully, looking east, west, north, south

Desperately searching for my elusive unicorn
Come rescue me from me, I plead forlorn

Badgered by world, soul tainted, sodden
I need to recapture lost innocence, shrunken

From depths of despair, this fallen angel
Wants forgiveness , succor, transformation

Let me ride you O magnificent equine
Recovering my childlike luster, sunshine

Pure, gentle unicorn, mythical or real
Sip, suck out life’s poisons, big and trivial

Let me ride you across the beckoning galaxies
Exuberance regained, crossing all boundaries

O Unicorn
Gentle and pure of heart

Let me be that child again
Gentle and pure of heart

Unicorn is special among the creatures of legend. They are very powerful yet vulnerable.
Marianna Mayer has observed (The Unicorn and the Lake), “The unicorn is the only
fabulous beast that does not seem to have been conceived out of human fears.
In even the earliest references he is fierce yet good, selfless yet solitary,
but always mysteriously beautiful. He could be captured only by unfair means,
and his single horn was said to neutralize poison.” (from internet)

“Like a lion, without fear of the howling pack; like a gust of wind, ne’er trapped in a snare;
like a lotus blossom, ne’er sprinkled by water; like me, like a unicorn, in solitude roam.”

–Hymn of Buddha







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