Two Fibonacci Sonnets





Willowy wavy

Wonderful whimsical woebegone

Waxing waning wailing waving willing

Wishing wondering wanting wearing whiling wandering winging wringing

Wattswafers wafts weal wale wall weights wad wagon whales webs weaves welts

Winsome wholesome wondrous wise worthy witty warm wacky wry wiry wild weird wee woolly wobbly wistful wishful wicked winning wiggly welling wispy wobbly

Wager wag win wae waffle wafer wattle wigwam well wool whinny wair weft woof wallop wap wound wand wale whale weal wedge whirlpool

Wide white wintry waspish wealthy windy wasteful womanish warty wretched workable woozy wanton

Wrap warp weary wary warty webby wraithlike wieldy

Whimsy wisps waves woofs wings

Wishy-washy wishbone will-o-wisp

Weaseling weaned



*ps: Fibonacci sonnet seems easy enough for all you have to do is write a short story of two paragraphs, with sentences containing words as follows. 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21. Second paragraph starts in the reverse order. First 21 words, then, 13, 8, 5, 3, 2, 1, 1.






As habits

Good and bad

Turning me into a habitual

Lounge lizard inhabiting my active self now eclipsed

By these indolent crazy habits of mine habitually inhabiting me in complete takeover

Making me a habitual couch potato lumpy dumpy humpty dumpty primed for rude awakening post bad habits instigated horrific painful downfall

Constantly in pain due to bad habits that have made me so overweight that am unable to wear my designer habits

I’ve finally decided to molt discarding these bad habits and grow new skin

Regaining my former becoming self shorn of chaff

Kernel healthy lean mean active

Vibrant alive cheerful

Sharing joy





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