two cups of light


Dipping palms
in horizon’s blazing pot
poured self two cupfuls
Of light
Warmth gradually
Stole chill as marrow
From bones, chatter
from pearly whites
night was spent
shaken, frazzled
by banshee winds
Screeching direly
Shivering curtains
Had simply given
Up fight, lights followed
suit – spluttered, died
Drawing achy knees
Close to chest tried rocking
self to sleep singing old
ditties whole night
Empty nesters hoard family albums
On credenzas, portraits on walls
in non-cozy comfort- craving those hugs
that would’ve glowingly warmed insides
Life has to be lived best way
possible, stiff upper lip, head held
high, well groomed, cap at jaunty
Angle always, feathers flying
Sun salutation being an ancient healing
Rite, aging mind wanders down well trod
caravanserai passes energized by drinking
two cupfuls of sunlight

image is from google – Brooklyn bridge


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