Things used to happen
In threes
Now they happen
In twos

When life delivers
A blow, I keep head
Low, braced for second

Mother Nature
Father Time
Mercifully move along

I’ve learnt to bide time
And wait for the season
Of my discontent
To come around

Having willfully decided to be
Happy, out of two given choices
Depression and frustration
I‘ve selected none

I’ve seeded a rose garden
In my body, and as the buds
Bloom, thorns poke arthritic
Bones, mind basks in perfume

Daily life’s reel plays out
And one day it will be done
I hope and pray that I’ll
Zip zap zoom waltz away

You see I am thus inclined
And this is my will and testament
“Lived and died on owns terms
With what was given”~

painting is by Edgar Degas


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