filling spaces with sacred
vibrations emanating
impeccably chanted
slokas in pure sanskrit
I daily fashion
a loch
of serenity
for immersing
myself in
Even though away from my country
country stays deeply rooted
. …and this is how
I daily pilgrimage
.. …mind’s eye gently parting
matted dreadlocks of Lord Shiva
for releasing holy river Ganges
conjuring bracing
glacial cascades
in New York city
mind and body
swaddled in ochre
suitably anointed
with hints of sandalwood
swirling from incense burners
vermilion dot “Tilak” for third eye
on forehead ..right hand worry beading
strung108 incantations crafted
in holy basil.. involuntarily looping
trick-a-treating mind
tantalizingly stays elusive
locked in an annoying tussle
between a mushy dithering heart
and an impatient mind
raring to cut it’s mooring
from all bonds with finality
immersed in a pooled loch
of light diving
surfacing diving…..


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