trees bare or not

Trees draw me like none other
Their numerous arms’ wing
Spread always at the ready
To hug my usually upbeat spirit
Regardless of mind’s flits from
Seasons of springy happiness
To doldrums of fall’s malaise

Normal eye
Sees this tree as bare
I see it as a reincarnation
Tested first by fierce fire
Of summer’s boiling sun and
Subsequently by bone chills
Of winter it – overcoming all

It is like empty nesters
Upbeat forlorn by turns
Off springs having grown
Up and away to start- restart own
Lives yet hope’s lamp burns bright
As seasonally birds will return
Some time or another

Miracles wrought in soft tender
Shoots as newborn grand children
Budding flowering over time
Baby babble and bird calls
Gladdening aged ears in twilight
Fruits of life’s labor’s wine tastings

Trees ever reaching for the skies
Without any set limits- fill me
With endless hope- whether-
Weather- regardless of ifs-buts
Everything’s going to be alright-
Can live die with that in closed fist~

My spirit, soul always sings
Aware I live to die to relive
In one form or another
Can never be obliterated
Being irrepressible- unborn soul
Can never to be destroyed~


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