It grows upwards

Performing a balancing

Act like an acrobat!

Firmly hanging on

To the earth

For its dear life

Sending a network of roots

In all directions

Like a tangled ball of yarn.

A tree in full bloom

Is like an oasis

Its shade a life-giver

To the weary n tired

Its fruit -food for the hungry

Its breath -life-giving oxygen

Its trunk-fodder for fuel n stuff

Proving to be a man’s

True friend

And treasure.

A tree with its numerous branches

Is the abode of the

Motley covey of birds

Of  different feathers

All secure in their little

Nests atop the tree

Hiding from predators

In a safe haven!

A Tree is truly God’s boon

and blessing to mankind!

Trees are the earth’s endless effort to speak to the listening heaven. – Sir Rabindranath Tagore

Wood-pigeons cooed there, stock-doves nestled there; My trees were full on songs and flowers and fruit,
Their branches spread a city to the air. – Christina Georgina Rossetti


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