As children oft we lose a step, fall down n bruise
We cry if someone is close by or else just cruise
Swallowing our hurt as no one has paid us heed
We are born survivors and know well our need!

We happily blow soap bubbles blissfully insulated
Nothing touching us n our joy abounds unabated
Adolescence acquaints us with our growing body
Mental and chronological age tussle for supremacy!

We cross the threshold of adulthood into freedom
With reluctant relinquishing of reins loosened seldom
We are giddy with happiness grabbing greedily
Like a duck takes to water ever so speedily!

Alas, freedom comes attached to responsibilities
And we have to tow the line n observe sensibilities
There are strings attached to everything we desire
And we learn to discriminate in what we acquire!

Our bubble can burst in a split second without warning
When life comes in various shapes n forms a knocking
Be it illness, or demise or misfortunes or a huge quarrel
All make a dent, hurt n we find ourselves in dire peril

We have to face the music taking every blow on the chin
Our soft pained inner core questioning fate’s twisted spin
Adversities strengthen us once we reconcile with our loss
Realizing that it is all a game n we can win or lose in a toss

So, why worry, just grieve, mourn and move forward
Past happy memories can be visited whenever dared
They are your own private treasures that none can grab
And this journey can be taken whenever life is drab!

Our vessel of happiness will always be replete
Nothing and no one can ever cause it to deplete
It is our oasis locked in our secret recesses
Our personal domain with no free passes!!

“Memory is the diary we all carry about with us.”- Oscar Wilde


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