Happy feet have trod wanton beaches, Smoky Mts.    Glacial tips, fuming volcanic crater, lava tube, ruins                                         Tickled Van Gogh(an) clouds, stars in moody hill stations~

Sucked exhilarating  Marrow in-between  Heaven and earth

Sardined inside hot air balloon  Hobnobbed with supercilious peaks  Splashed across marmalade skies

Agape a la mode piscine* feasted  Upon wondrous array of frosty sundaes    Icy floats dotting Alaskan seas aquamarine

Congeal of breath battling bone breaking Winds- pilgrimag(ing) up to sacred shrines  Performed ablutions in snow fed holy Ganges

Seated in ancient pews across European churches Communed with self, imbibing magical vibes’ aura  Experienced “aurora borealis” seated inside Montserrat

Hum strum of rainforest’ soft flutters, footfalls, chirping Feathers, mutated creatures in deep cave ponds,  Cappadocia,  Mineral spas, nature sculpted Grand Canyon, hoodoos at Bryce

Felt palpable grief in East Europe, Pompeii, moans in battlefields Urbane Rushmore, buoyancy in Sedona, Everglades, Badlands~ Gibraltar, daddy shoulders, camel- elephant- rodeo, hair spin turns, rides

Feasted on Picasso-Monet-Vermeer-Wyeth- Botticelli-Vinci-Michelangelo’s Pieta, Sistine, Cloisters’ tapestries, seen mined Gold in earth’s womb, salt mine carvings in Wieliczka Poland~

These feet did walk, soar, supping life first hand and finally Have now made my peace, retracted honed feelers, antennae  Centering self inwards fully at peace, impassive, serene, ready~

Life comes full circle always;   I may end up where I began,       karma  Bearing soul journeying portal to portal –           a constantly straining flame  ~Eager to lose self in Creation’s original luminosity once and for all ~



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