Torn Apart

Torn from maternal
Love’s bleeding eyes
Pain wracked body
The child origami (end)
… Self fetal(ly)

Daddy beside
Himself with grief
Upped and brought
A new mommy
For wailing darling

New mommy had own
Plans and step baby
Did not figure in any
Of them, she quickly
Unmasked own true form

Daddy had to answer
Call for duty and left
To fight for country
Nasty step mom sold
Stepchild for a song

Dry eyed and stoic
The child sobbed,
Inside praying hard
To own mom now angel
And mommy’s god

Life being stranger
Than fiction, miracles can
And do happen, she firmly
Believed her daddy would find
And come fetch her one day

Six months later
Daddy came home and
Was shocked to the core
Summarily threw new
Mommy out of door~

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