To Mom With Love


To Mom with love


 your form left

maybe, spirit

lingers in



firmly ensconced


I see you in

dress up time

In owned special

déjà vu moments

of us

you, me


 Dad’s brother said

I looked like him

others, like you

I am of you, my

own guardian




steering my

life’s paper boat

out of harm’s way

away from

the brink


flavor of soap

in my mouth

still gags, you

made me rinse out

four letter words

innocently spoken



wet rebuking eyes

still haunt when am

less than thoughtful

and find self wanting in

myriad ways n then take

small steps in your ways



you were special to me

I was very special to you

My guilty pangs you

Dismissed summarily as

growing pains, exhorted

never ever feel guilty



you were special

you made me feel special

I remember you in waking

sleeping moments, in all my roles

as daughter, mother, aunt

grandmother, friend





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