Time in Bits n Pieces

Glow suffuses rosy hue

All over, momentarily,

Borne of joy, happiness

Courses, whooshing, dilating

Labyrinth of veins to bursting

Laughter geysers ripple inwards and

Outwards, spilling all over foaming

A piece of this time shall hang like

A diamond in the firmament of

My memory’s vast universe

Collecting such bits and pieces

Of joyous times past n present

These precious stones, enhance the

Fragile fabric of my life, and greedily

I hoard them in my treasure chest

Seasons change in bits n pieces

Down times, come, stretch and drag

Unfazed, composed, I visit my treasure

Hoard and with them perk my wilted

Spirit, successfully scotching all gloom

I live my life in bits n pieces

Living a whole lifetime in these

Bits n pieces, composed, unfazed

I carry on life’s journey in bits n pieces

Happily, taking all knocks on the chin!


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