Time And Tide (on Earth Day)

Time and Tide

Baby is born with fists shut tight
Holding destiny with all its might
Opening eyes to see world wondering
Time clock of heartbeats starts ticking

Helplessness of feeding to biting milk teeth
Sands of time obliterate footprints beneath
Monthly waxing and waning of  the moon
Crosses growth phases of life all too soon

Peaking in maturity of body mind over span of time
Reverse turnaround of hourglass begins to chime
Make a mark and leave a legacy worth leaving behind
It is an emphatic fact that time and tide forever grind 

Let self go into a free fall
Responding to the Muses call
Create something as a wordsmith
Weaving magic with mind herewith

Use your life to make a difference
Using your unique skills as reference
Let every moment count, living on this earth
There is a paucity of joys n of grief, no dearth

Let none rob your spontaneity or voice throttle
Heed only to inner voices keeping mind agile
Give, share worldly goods n donation of time
As this is all that will go with you and not a dime

Lets repair the damage done to our Mother earth
Conserve cleanup for her rebirth for all its worth
Lets return the love of this universal mother of ours
Measure for measure healing all our inflicted scars

Lets attempt a time travel when mother earth was sublime
A paradise where all creatures lived in harmony sans grime
Lets attempt a miracle and return her to her pristine beauty
As this is the only justice that behooves us  n is our sacred duty

Happy Earth Day All!

(all pictures are from internet- disclaimer)


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