Tibetan Teapot


Tibetan teapot

Like Aladdin’s lamp
I rub memories’
To lure and
Swish out

Buddhist chants
Reverberate in the hills
Washing over mountain peaks
As benevolent sun ups and winks
Reverently climbing steps
Of the monastery
My eyes feast
On nature’s bounty
The peace within
As lovely without
As the often hanging
Rain swollen clouds
Hang low
Akin to branches
From trees
Hearts in mouth
Driving through treacherous
Hairpin bends and close
Shaves, we visit shrine
Upon shrine
Journey further and further
Trying to touch base
With ourselves
In reality
How true it is
When they say
The hurrier I go
The behinder I get
We are where we
Wish to be
In tune with self
Still or on the move
Only truth
It is~

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