those shiny summers


Those halcyon
days of summer
Endless fun, frolic
Carefree breezy
Totally uncomplicated
Gregariously effervescent
Bruises, nicks, runny noses
Spats like cloud bursts
Bouts of laughter
Spirits ever agog
At hitherto not known
Wonders, open mouthed
Joy at granny’s spun tales
Ouija boards flirtations
With ghosts and spirits
Madcap shenanigans
Without answerability
Hormones and self-
Awareness yet
To make entry
Alas for those
Iridescent days
Of endless summers
With mouthwatering
Mangoes, pickle jars
Simmering in the sun
Tandoors roasting
stuffed naans and
roof top romances
ready to click
burgeon amidst
our childish
sniggers and
those exciting
to and fro overnight
journeys in trains
with card games
chai in clay cups
saundhi mitti flavored
water from earthy suraiis
monkeys snatching
food right out of your
hand, scaring living
daylights and then
*soundhi mitti – pleasant earthy smell after rain; Suraii : earthen clay water-pot*
~image is from internet


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