This Early Morning

This early morning
Before light unfurls
Its glowing carpet
Across azure skies
Chimes from hung
Brass bells on ceilings
Escape holy temples

Arriving at doorstep
Of my sleep lulled
Mind’s twin temples
Entering from middle
Of forehead and gently
Slaking thirsty soul
To new awakening

Enchanting waves crash
And ripple heartening mind
That sways as mesmerized
Cobra to the limpid and pure
Enunciation of your Hundred
And Eight blessed names

Light courses
Radiantly in inner
Pathways from head
To toe, bringing to life
Every pore, rejuvenating
Crestfallen hopes to new
Affirmations and more~

Letting go defenses
Each falling like dominoes
I dance to the divine music
With abandon akin to fluid
Flowing river waters gushing
Gamboling after replenishment
From showering rain and snow

Of this
For a spell
I am

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