This Ache Called Love

Uncontainable, writhing beast
Caged within ~

In taming, I flambé
Me for you, my love

I changed my woof and warp
Retextured gift for you my love

Love in life, life replete with love
Is full of pitfalls, faux pas, make ups

Our unique bonds splash
Colors of give and take

Hues of push and pull
Welts scars, tears, salves

And now you wish
Me to spit out, swallow

Released verbal arrows
For sake of our love

I thought I had already
Diminished me to flourish us

Recants and confessions
And acrimonies spell death knell

My uniqueness drew you in first place
If I change for you, I lose you!

Let me be my innate self, you be you
Together we’ll paint a novel canvas

To love, for love, our love, you see in love
We help beloved soar, never sink, my love~


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