There Comes Papa dear!!


There Comes Papa Dear!!

There comes papa, dear
Baby be of good cheer

Right hand carrying a teddy bear
Left hand a red car with gears

His face wears a smile from ear to ear
Chest is puffed up with pride clear

His interest and focus are now clear
Our love will disallow him to veer

Our family is now complete
Despondency is now defeat

Your naughty pranks are a treat
our lives with joy replete

Your tiny hands are a miracle
Creating much havoc playful

Your tiny feet run here and there
Playing hide and seek everywhere

You make our days n nights joyful
Your babble and prattling quite blissful

The cup of our joy spills over
Thanking God at temple alter

There comes papa, dear
Baby be of good cheer


 A happy family is but an earlier heaven.
George Bernard Shaw


(picture from internet-disclaimer)


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