She called, he answered
She visited, he was available
She spoke, he listened
She lay down, he watched
Her monologue made him nap
Amidst interjections, she went on…

He hypnotized, she dozed
He quizzed, she spoke
He laid two fingers on her pulse
Snapping them to free her from repose
Armed with insights, he loosened her
Uptight nerves, giving relief ever so slight

The caregiver then himself
Lay down feeling drained
Due to all knowledge gained
That shook him to the core
As he searched for answers
To heal and not to hurt any more

His mind drew tangents, going
In all directions and moaning
As he came up for air, groaning
The solution was not so ordinary
Need of hour was make believe surgery
Performed realistically with caring

A day was set and she was ready
He hypnotized n her pulse was steady
He assured her in her somnolent state
That all malaise would surgically abate
Then she woke up in a hospital CCU
And lo behold an actor/doctor entered on cue

Now feeling light, airy and well
Her wayward thoughts no longer dwell
On anecdotes that she needs to tell
The therapy had succeeded to quell
All fears real and imaginary and thus
She need not resort to any whistle or bell!!!

Words of comfort, skillfully administered, are the oldest therapy known to man.
-Louis Nizer


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  1. Bina, thank you for this poem.

    Submitted by Steve on November 12th, 2007 11:18 pm

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