Their Dream

When I let out my first lusty cry
The parents were delighted as
The gnarled family tree had come to fruition
After such a long endless wait!

Time had not been very kind to them
All pregnancies ended before full term
Leaving them constantly agonizing
Teetering and swaying on the brink of hope

Now I had finally made an appearance
And all the pent up feelings and hopes
Gushed forth in full stream and my tiny self
Was bombarded with all manner of good stuff

I survived them all on fours and twos
Going my way firmly as I had a mind of my own
Suffering their loving and cooing stoically
Allowing them to have their will on my person

School gave me some respite and time to myself
Having average looks and stature I posed no threat
I did what I wanted without creating waves
As I was no leadership material!

College was another matter altogether
And here I came into my own
I loved statistics and numbers
And became a wizard in this subject

Scholastic laurels were earned easily
And economics became my forte
Which I soon taught at college level
Making the parents quite proud

Now came marriage time and
My dilemma began as I realized
That I had no interest in the opposite sex
Only men interested me and held me in thrall

The parents of course had no clue
And foisted various dates on me
Which I wined and dined with aplomb
Without letting on my predilection

Thus their dream of becoming Grandparents
With a fresh branch on the family tree
Would end in stillbirth forcing me
To take desperate measures

I grew a grafted fruit on the family tree
A heady mix of science and nature and thus
The stork made a delivery at my doorstep
One fine day nine months later..

“Even a family tree has to have some sap.”
-Los Angeles Times Syndicate


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