The Urn

O beloved
Now you lie in the urn
A mix of ashes and bones
The once tall lithe body
Now a mere bag of bones

My heart twists in great pain
My body wracks with grief
I struggle to shrug it all off
Squaring my shoulders all the while
Ready to face the music once more

But now I am beyond the summer of life
My body is no longer nubile n my pain is so raw that
The hard outer shell is not an invincible fort any more
It has developed chinks as I gather the shreds of my dignity
Trying to go it alone…

Oh God!  How I miss you as my heart cries out in pain
I cannot make it but I have to try, it is hard going
Give me courage from yonder, I have to run the distance
Carry the burden alone without you by my side
All rosy dreams shattered…

Now, the times have changed, faces have changed
Even the places have changed as you have changed
But alas, I am the same yet not quite the same
I hasten to complete the cycle of this life with a hope
That I can mingle with you in the urn of the ever after

When my journey is done…
“The true tomb of the dead is the heart of the living.”
-Jean Cocteau


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  1. Exquisite!

    Submitted by Bobbie on September 16th, 2007 11:10 pm

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