The Unsaid

Pregnant moments aborted preterm
On the verge
Unreleased precipitated
I felt them, I felt them

Such is the irony
My diffident heartbeat in you
Your blossoming wonder in me, his pride
I felt it, I felt it

Caretakers of my innocence
Groped unawares
My confusion, your shame, unsaid
I heard it, I heard it

Your recriminations, mini wars
Bone of contention, me, me
Love the loser,
I heard it crack, crack

Marriage sublime, honeymoon endless
Ended, fled
Hearts bled
I cupped them, I cupped them

Olive branch
Tickled beneath stiff upper lip
Give him a second chance
I plead, plead

Mute numbed dumb
Statues two stood misunderstood
Pregnant silences, love unsaid
Let it out, I begged!


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