The Thinker And Supreme Love

the thinker in me sits thinking
about supreme love and all its

ramifications in all its shades and
amongst all these cogitations

I come to understand that love
is a many splendoured thing

when you have true love
the world is your oyster

now the thinker in me says
which love is supreme define it

Taj Mahal is symbol of shah Jehan’s
great love for his queen  mumtaz

Is this kind of love supreme love
the thinker in me hesitates

The love shared by Romeo and Juliet
was that love greater than Shah Jehan’s?

The thinker in me says yes because
both gave up their lives for one another

Yet is this supreme love
the mother of all loves?

The thinker in me still dithers
then which love is supreme?

The love of god in all his glory where
you become one in his devotion

Is that the most supreme love
still the thinker in me digs his feet in

I push it, nudge it forward, yet it vacillates
dig deeper and you’ll find what supreme love is

Does the soldier’s love for his country and his
supreme sacrifice belong on top of love pyramid

The thinker in me queries again n again
but somehow something is still missing

Again the thinker urges me to dive once more
and come up with the priceless nugget of all

Then I realize, to me the love of a mother
for her child is the most supreme love

A mother’s love is most selfless love and
she can reachout from here and beyond
(I remembered the story of a son who kills his mother and removes her heart at the behest of his girl friend and when he is running with it, he falls down and the mother’s heart says, are you hurt son!!!- this story touched my heart the most- maybe God resides in all moms)

The greater love is a mother’s; then comes a dog’s; then a sweetheart’s.
Polish Proverb

 But the mother’s yearning, that completest type of the life in another life
which is the essence of real human love, feels the presence of the cherished
child even in the debased, degraded man.
George Eliot
1819-1880, British Novelist


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