The Salesman

He is just a normal person
Except when he sees a quarry
Then he resets his face in a hurry
His eyes are warm n beckoning
And he is ready for a reckoning.

He extols the virtues of his product
Or be it his services by his sunny conduct
Waxing poetic in his aggressive sales pitch
Convincing and cajoling till the last ditch
Till none is clear what’s what and which is which!

Once he succeeds in selling an item
He is home free reverting to his usual pattern
Having earned a hefty amount in commissions
He is relaxed n ready for his next sales mission
His face like silly putty due to constant sales renditions

Occasionally when it rains, it pours
And he makes a killing in a sales galore
Other times it is totally dry and arid
Leaving him downcast and quite livid
Yet he ploughs on and on as he is married

The spirit of the salesman seesaws all the time
As his pockets may be flush or without a dime
His sales life is dependent upon his age and agility
So he packs it in tightly to accelerate his salability
Not once worrying about his health or longevity

Thus a salesman whose life is no picnic is a hero

When producers want to know what the public wants, they graph it as curves. When they want to tell the public what to get, they say it in curves.
Author:   Marshall Mcluhan 1911-1980, Canadian Communications
Nobody dast blame this man. For a salesman, there is no rock bottom to the life. He don’t put a bolt to a nut, he don’t tell you the law or give you medicine. He’s a man way out there in the blue, riding on a smile and a shoeshine. And when they start not smiling back — that’s an earthquake. And then you get yourself a couple of spots on your hat, and you’re finished. Nobody dast blame this man. A salesman is got to dream, boy. It comes with the territory.
Author:   Arthur Miller 1915-, American Dramatist


One Comment for: “The Salesman”

  1. The web of training along with inherent charm only gets the Salesman so far. He has to love what he lives, and he lives for the close. It’s not all about the money! It’s about the self-satisfaction he feels when the deal is done. The best psychologists are waiting on the Sales Floor not to sell you something….they are there to show you how to buy it. And we all want someone to justify why we need to have it! A great salesman earns our trust! Now ladies think about how much trust you have in your hair dresser. Is it a sale, or is it the experience you like?

    Submitted by Carl Stoynoff on May 2nd, 2010 6:45 pm

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