The Said Unsaid

The Said Unsaid


threat or action
play havoc
fear palpable

stick stones

You wished to let
your hair down
I looked at my shorn
locks and frowned

The crown on my head
had ripped- blood that
Escaped you’d swabbed
Scabs had hastily formed

My forlorn revelations
Had stolen the twinkle from
Your children’s eyes you’d
Said as I’d copiously cried

I needed a comforting console
You, ever practical calculated
Which was current buttered
Side of your life’s bread roll

I thought you were caregiver
by own choice, I had neither
Asked nor questioned why
As you happily played mother

Careless threats to abandon me
Away from home while I slept hit
Home robbing me of my childish
Dreams and much needed shuteye

In trying times extraordinary
I was left to fend for self by close
Ties, as my misery ship tanked
Courage’s flag did fly high

Flesh and blood are meant to
Guide one through thick and thin
But when they join crowd to wield
a stick –that had made me sick

Yet fully abandoned was not I
My beloved took me by hand and
Helped me flee from misery extreme
Revealing a skylight to fly away free
Yes, fully abandoned was not I
Fully abandoned was not I

PS: dedicated to a  dear friend in Delhi

pictures are from the internet


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